White Palace Banquets; where dining is the start of an exquisite adventure to revel in.

A hearty appetite calls for nothing less than an outstanding variety of delicacies to indulge in. Spice up your party with only the best of appetizing delights weighing your tables. The quality of your food can speak volumes about your event. Give your guests something extra-special to look forward to at your special occasion. Boasting an endless array of sumptuous dishes, this management team sports irresistible recipes and impeccable catering service that will keep your guests on their toes to the end. Partying visitors who’ve worked up an appetite on the dance floor want what comes next. It’s buffet time.

White Palace Banquets come with the promise of the ultimate culinary experience for foodies everywhere. Having served countless clients over the passage of time, these event organizers retain the true goodness of family recipes and top-notch cooking. Specializing in a tantalizing selection of original Sri Lankan dishes and treats, you’re guaranteed a special something for every sweet tooth.

In addition to specializing in seamless catering, the management also provides wedding planning services and event organizing options for its clients. These event planners are flexible with providing flawlessly planned catering to any type of outdoor/indoor event. Every eventuality, from arranging transport facilities to background music is expertly handled by this team. Every personal choice, be it a favorite dish or a DJ will be attended to by these event organizers. They can also arrange for the best of photographers and videographers to memorialize your special day for you.

So enjoy the relief of zero stress as you enjoy your event to the fullest. The planners at White Palace Banquet team know how to plan every turn and twist of your important day without a hitch.